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SEO Techniques in 2019: Dos & Don’t that will work in 2019

SEO Techniques in 2019: Dos & Don’t that will work in 2019

31 December 2018 Posted by Fran Smith News No Comments

In these modern days, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the marketing force. SEO techniques have been changing with the passage of time over the last decades.  Digital marketing becomes more mobile-centric, Web Search is now more mobile friendly.  Trends of SEO techniques in 2019 are more or less going to be the same as were in the last year, except for a few changes.


SEO Techniques in 2019


However, there are many SEO agencies that are providing SEO services to rank on top at SERP. SEO agency mainly focused on SEO techniques and mainly improvised with time. Here are some simple tips for you peoples which will definitely improve your ranking on SERP.

SEO Techniques in 2019 Don’ts: Tricks that don’t work anymore


  • Overloading of keywords
  • Spam Links or unnatural
  • Plagiarized Content
  • Unwanted Ads
  • Bad User Experience


Overloading of keywords

Keyword stuffing is now considered a bad practice. Keyword Density rules SEO at early stages of Google.  Keyword density is the ratio of keywords used in the content over the number of other words. So people used to overload their content with keywords and manipulate the Google algorithm for ranking.

Spam or unnatural links


unnatural links


Back linking plays a vital role in SEO, this is also called off page optimization.  Link building is a useful impact on SEO but unnatural or irrelevant links listed you in the blacklist. Spam Links are considered as Black Hat SEO. Avoid unnatural links for Google ranking.

Plagiarized Content

People usually copy and paste content into different websites. This practice creates many issues like plagiarism and Google finds it difficult to whom pass authority to.

Unwanted Ads

Unwanted ads annoy the audience. Now Google issues warnings to these websites for annoying ads.

Bad User Experience

Google measures the user interaction with your website through the bounce rate. Higher bounce rate means people are not sending time on your website or your website is irrelevant to them.  This will be caused alarming to Google search that your website is not helpful, usability or not informative.


SEO Technique Do’s: Tips that will work effectively

  1. Think Rank Brain Friendly Content.
  2. Smart Use of Keywords.
  3. Good Quality Back-links.
  4. Use Social Media.
  5. Make your website mobile friendly.


Think Rank Brain Friendly Content.


google rank brain


Rank Brain is a strong algorithm of Google. Rank Brain tries to think like a human whenever it has any search query. It breaks down search query in words vectors that help to find more relevant results.

Try to use medium-tail keywords for relevancy and try to focus on your targeted audience.

Smart Use of Keywords

Find relevant keywords according to your target audience. Take some time before you finalized your keywords. If you are using right keywords that will help you to minimize bounce rate and driving conversions.

Good Quality Backlinks

High Domain Authority website links increases your credibility. Quality backlinks and relevant backlinks improve your position at SERP. This is one of the most important SEO technique that will help you to score high your website.

Use Social Media

Don’t just rely on your website for ranking. Use social media platforms which are popular among audience like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc. This will increase your website visibility and awareness.

Make your website mobile friendly

All over the world smartphones are in trend, people are shifting from desktops to smartphones. Optimize your website for mobile friendly it will affect your ranking at SERP. Make your website easy to use on mobile screen for users.


This is not enough, there are many other factors that evolve your SEO techniques. Like voice searches, and video content. Keep yourself-update with improvising SEO, for constantly updating your websites.

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