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Website Design Company.

Brain studios is a cosmic website design company. We develop tailor-made cutting-edge solutions with out of the box thinking keeping in mind the nature of our client’s business and goals he wants to achieve.
Being a web design agency, our main focus is to provide our clients with a stunning website design that will generate leads for your business and provide a user-friendly interface to the visitors.
Creating an outstanding web design is not that easy. In the modern era, visitors are high expectations you have to convince your visitors in a second or maybe in a millisecond that your site worth their time.
A phenomenal website design can be fuel for your business growth. An ordinary site can damage your brand image.
Brain Studios provides website design services in the USA. We just don’t create a ravishing website design for our clients.
Our diverse team with expertise in web design and development, Graphic design, digital marketing. Apply their skills to create a scope of work that will help you grow your business.

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Our Website design capabilities
Brain Studios is one of the best custom website design companies in the USA, providing solutions for complex marketing needs. From wireframe to a stunning website, from concept to a reliable solution, From targets to reality, and from goals to achievements.
Business Website Designs
Brain Studios provides more than website design and development services. Your business, online presence and brand identity will be carried out to the next level
E-commerce Website Design.
Brain studios has a specialty and experience in designing successful e-commerce solutions for the business worldwide. Our best-customized e-commerce solutions meet the client’s requirements and needs.
Word Press design.
WordPress is the most widely used web design platforms worldwide. Our WordPress design experts are capable enough to provide advanced features for any business website.
Shopify Experts USA
Shopify is gaining huge popularity in the e-commerce industry. Our certified Shopify experts will ensure that your online store is well optimized to sell your products online.

Our Website design process.

Brain Studioz’s approach towards website design and development has been tested and restrained over many years and huge number of websites, covering almost every industry possible.
We provide website design services in the USA as well as our clients can be found all over the globe.


Conceptualize the website.

First of all, we define a strategy to develop the website’s proposed structure, its content, and feature with business goals. This is the point where we take high-level decisions about the direction of the website.
Our experienced website strategist works along with UX, Design, and Content specialists to conduct research, identify challenges and make their recommendations accordingly.
In the end, we develop a strategy document that will guide the creation of the website and set the modulation for your project.


Making the decisions that matter

Our information architects and UX designers create strategic directions into the basic structure of the site. Planning is also where we analyze the technical requirements and specifications of your website.
First of all, we create a sitemap, which allows us to determine the structure and hierarchy of the website pages. The next step will be wireframes- low-fidelity, gray designs that will show pages essential structure.
These deliverable depend on how much research we can conduct. We are eagerly passionate about putting our concepts in from of the clients to test and push to the limits.

Create an identity

Bringing the website to life

Website design is the place where all the hard work starts to pay off. We start with an exploratory – as the name explains, we explore a wide range of possibilities with you and design the model on how to represent your business.
According to the needs of every client, some of our clients suggest strict brand guidelines, while some of them are looking to explore the possibilities of how they can re-launch their brand.
We develop our projects according to each element and interaction for devices such as desktops, mobiles, and tablets and optimize separately.


Out of the box thinking

If you are looking for a company that just follows your orders and instructions- we are not an ideal team for you. We strive to challenge your business success and excellence- by suggestions and feedbacks.
Our center of attention will be the goals you want to achieve with your website and how to tackle obstacles in between our out the box thinking.

Copy Writing

Making the words to inspire and convert.

Everyone loves to writes but not everyone can write for the web.
Our expert’s copywriters are well aware of the fact on how to concisely and impactfully capture the attention span of the visitors.
They are professionals in how to make a story unfold and make the visitors bound to the website. We have a team of copywriters for every niche.


Maximizing visibility and relevancy

SEO is an integral part of an effective website, not an accessory. Developing your site first and latter on doing SEO can result in missing opportunities and put existing equity at stake.
This is the reason why we keep SEO in front of mind in each website we design. Our SEO experts put their active participation in every project to help ensure we develop and design the right pages in the right place.
Sitemaps, wireframes, and even design elements are carefully put together to make sure they are discoverable, relevant and follow best practices of SEO

Why Brain Studioz is the best?

Brain Studioz is working as a custom website design company in the digital marking space for more than a decade.
Our expert strategist, graphic designers, programmers, copywriters, and marketers put together all their knowledge to achieve the targeted goal you want to obtain.
Our web design services are one of the prominent aspects of our successful journey so far. The budget is not the issue. Just get started with the minimum package and if you satisfied without services you can upgrade it letter on.
Contact our experts today for a quotation and start to create visibility for your brand and business.


Give us a call, send us an email or a letter - or drop by to have a chat. We are always here to help out in whatever way we can.


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