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Why every business needs a Mobile application?

Having the best mobile application design company is a leverage that every company wants to have. Brain Studios offers mobile application design services to its clients for more than a decade.
As the world is going digitally smart world, more than 80% of the population who owns smart devices, search for products and services online. Out of this 80%, 25% search for the mobile apps that connect them to the products and services they want to acquire.
Most of the companies moved to advance the level of services for their employees and use a mobile application for the interaction. Such as courier services, restaurants, and sales-related.

Being a mobile application design company, we develop mobile apps for virtually every reason you can think about, including selling or goods or rendering services to someone.
There is a long list of reasons why businesses chose to have and mobile applications such as business exposure, Customer loyalty, Excellent customer services, creating brand awareness, increases accessibility to customers, and source of data and information.

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Branding, Development, Marketing

Best mobile application design company.
We offer quality iOS and Android mobile application development using the most effective tools, technologies, and procedures. Check a few of our mobile app development services.
Being persistent and pioneer in the design and quality, apple products have developed dominance over its competitors, iOS has a comprehensive interface which is a big reason why any business wants to develop their apps in the iOS.
One of the most used mobile OS androids has a huge capacity of users that’s what makes android a gold mine for any company that wants to develop an application for their products or services.
Our complete range of enterprise application development includes e Business and eCommerce solutions. We ensure our clients use mobile as an extension of their business practices.
Game Development
You have an excellent idea about mobile games do let share with us. Brain studioz with its expert pool of programmers connects with the latest technological tools to transform your ideas into engaging games.
Hybrid Application development allows us a unique mix with combining the features from the native application along with HTML 5. Native applications can boost speed and maximize features, and web-based apps offer cost-effective ways to provide compatibility with different platforms.

Our Mobile Application design process

We design mobile applications for any kind of complexity for B2C and B2B Usage. Our clients come across many different industries.
Starting from getting an idea of developing a mobile app to launching it in the market. We go through impeccable processes for batter digital experiences for our clients.

Analyzing and planning

Learning the odds

We start or mobile application design process from you. We conduct interviews with stakeholders to understand your plans, motives, goals you want to achieve.
We conduct extensive research on your audience, trends, identifying their needs, best practices, and notable successes. Analyze flaws and provide a solution to their problem.
During this process, our BA team determine the high-level features and functional and non- functional requirements of your project.
We analyze how other mobile applications are solving your user’s problems and how your product can differentiate itself from the pack.

UX Design

Crafting with experience

As soon we gather the information from our client and audience. Our UX teams develop personas and user journeys to break down who will use the app and how will they use it.
We develop prototypes to make sure that the project looks and feels native to platforms and delivers a precise positive user experience.
Task Flow allows us to define exactly what features are required to support users across their user experience.
A flow chart creates an experience, screen by screen, through the use of wireframes. These help us visualize the layout and understand the key user interaction with the application.

Development and launch.

Into the wild

As soon we get your approval on UX and UI mockups, we start the development process which is another area of our expertise, and the final phase before the launch of the application.
Our mobile application development process consists of continuance interactions with our clients in every step. We develop every stage being on the same page.
Support and maintenance
Finally, your mobile application is launched, but our work isn’t finished yet. Our team is ready to support your app handle updates, improvements, add new features dedicated support and none the less with marketing across all major channels.

Testing process.

Test, rectify and repeat

The user testing process is an essential part of any project. The group of key users goes hands-on with the prototypes and beta versions from an early stage.
The purpose is to check the behavior and collect feedback from the user throughout the process.
We use this important information to develop and good user experience, check weather app server the purpose completely and optimize the product.

UI Design

Inspiration visual

We start phase of visual design keeping in mind what motivates you to inspire you what moves you and what doesn’t.
Next, our creative design teams get on board and start crafting an on-brand visual identity for your app.
User interface we design is convenient, simple, and comprehensible as this is the first thing that your users experience. We stay on focus on balancing between app design and its functionality.

Why Chose Brain Studioz.

Brain studios is providing mobile application design service in the application development space for more than a decade. We are a professional mobile application design company.

With the cutting-edge technologies mobile ui ux design services are the specialty of our development wing. We provide mobile app ux design services for the affordable price.
Our experienced team of application developers have extensive experience and market knowledge. As being a mobile application design company be develop an application that suites all your needs.
Budget is not the issue. Contact our sales experts today, brief them about idea of your mobile application design and let us do the rest of the world.


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