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Best E-commerce Website Design Company in the USA.

If you are looking for an E-commerce Website Design Company in the USA Brain Studioz is the best option for you available. We provide E-commerce website design services for all types of businesses from startups to large scale corporate clients.
The most effective approach to showcase your products is by an E-commerce website.
We are a professional e-commerce web design agency. We design content managed e-commerce websites and software which is not the core of all online stores and companies.
Our e-commerce website design services enable our clients to compel more online visitors, and our user-friendly infrastructure allows visitors to find and order their required items sophisticatedly.

E-Commerce holds a significant and eve increasing share of shopping made by customers in the modern era.
Most users buy online because they don’t have much time to personally visit the stores, it’s time-consuming. Having a poor design or complicated structure will confuse the visitor and you will lose a potential customer
In this current scenario, it is crucial that companies should have a strong online presence.

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Branding, Development, Marketing

Don’t settle down for money leaking e-commerce website.
We design and develop e-commerce in a professional way that helps e-commerce companies to grow revenue and profit much faster. Developing an effective e-commerce website can be challenging.
The design of your e-commerce web must not be just “wow” to your visitors. It must be well-ordered and simple to navigate, shouldn’t be complex or complicated. It should be simple, smooth and safer.
Our team of professionals will turn your E-commerce website into the most effective online store. We are experts in developing an extraordinary e-commerce website; we will guide you through the process which includes
A modern, professional and user-friendly e-commerce web design
Strategic planning according to the requirements of the business.
Comprehensive search and filter options
A quick preview capability.
An incredibly fast loading product catalog
Easier and safer user experience.
Easy to track shopping cart, checkout shopping, and payments.
Maximum confidentiality and data security of user information.

Our E-commerce Website Development Process

We expertise in how e-commerce web design and development work. We understand that the core purpose of an e-commerce website is to maintain a healthy growth of business and a steady flow of capital.
Our process represent incorporates extensive user base research, strategic insights, and experience-driven designs to develop a result-oriented website that engages users and deliver business results.

Analyze and Research

Understanding your needs

We begin the process of every e-commerce design project by meetings with stakeholders, analyze the current position of the company and combing through data and industry trends to get a clear picture.
Understanding your customers is just as important as knowing your business core. Our team research your customer trends, needs, analyzing what their interests are and what drives their shopping behavior
Our data scientists work thought different listening tools to understand the competitors, nature of the industry, your potential customer trends and gather as much data they can.

Content and Design

Developing a complete web solution

Brain Studioz is an end to end web development agency that makes us more capable of handling your digital strategies, information, architecture, web design, and content creation.
Brief and understandable content with a combination of modern web design, high-quality images are the main key points of any strong and successful project.

Quality Assurance

Testing against over 100 checkpoints

We are obsessive about QA; our dedicated QA team fiercely evaluate the project against over 100 checkpoints before getting it live.
We love to get our clients involved and share every build with them on development servers, where you can check it against all odds and help us eliminate any bugs.


Developing the best tech strategy

An excellent technology architecture needs a skillful balancing of aspects such as current and future requirements, workflows, integrations, regulatory requirements, in-house resources and budget to develop a phenomenal technical solution.
Our professional strategist sits together with stakeholders and understands every aspect of the business and spending a huge amount of time planning a successful project.

Front and backend coding.

The majority of our clients prefer a hybrid development approach for their website design. We build the MVP using waterfall methodology and then include other features and improvements in Agile sprints for a strong structure, but we can do work using other methods as well.
Our certified development team is capable of working with modern web development solutions including PHP, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

CMS Training and Launch

Handing over the project

When the project is about to be live we just don’t publish it and hand over it to you. We walk to though the CMS and train your team on how to use it and make sure everyone who is working on the website is comfortable in managing it.

Responsive and adaptive design.

E-commerce industry needs

In the modern digital era, your e-commerce website design is just as important as having a wonderful product in your backpack.
We develop and design a website that adapts itself to fit perfectly with devices and our fully responsive design will function seamlessly across all platforms of mobile, tablets and computers.
It’s not always about looks, shopping is much more than just making it look appropriate. Your e-commerce website needs to function right and adjust in order to make buying on a mobile or a tablet.

What Brain Studioz offers?

Brain Studioz is working as an e-commerce web development company in the digital marketing space for more than a decade and has developed hundreds of successful projects of this period.
Our professional and experienced team of e-commerce web development consist of skilled strategist, graphic designers, content writers, programmers and marketers that make us one of the best e-commerce web development agency.
Every project for us is unique we have dedicated project managers for every build who is responsible for a share every bit of progress without clients that makes us more trustworthy.
The budget is not an issue. We can work effectively within the given budget and develop a sensational e-commerce website for your business.
Content our sales teams for quotation today and give a kick start to the successful journey or your business.


Give us a call, send us an email or a letter - or drop by to have a chat. We are always here to help out in whatever way we can.


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