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5 Essential Skills to be a Professional Web Developers

5 Essential Skills to be a Professional Web Developers

1 January 2019 Posted by Fran Smith News No Comments


Web Development is not only about coding, but it’s also about to build the digital world.  Professional Web Developer is some who provides web development services. To perform as a professional web developer, we need these basic skills mentioned below:


Professional Web Developers


Knowledge about Designing

Before starting anything even coding, we need to visualize the web design in mind. Web designing generally lay down in web designers’ area but still, a good web developer must have some basic knowledge about web designing and web designing services. Web developers must know about mobile-friendly websites, they must have knowledge about responsive websites for all sizes and screen shapes.

Front-End Web Developing

There are 3 basic technical terms and skills which lay under front-end developer i.e. HTML, CSS, and JS.  Without HTML and CSS knowledge you can’t be a web developer.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard language of every web page and internet. HTML is the basic coding and building block of the internet. HTML basically creates a web page on the internet.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are a presentation of HTML.  It makes the whole thing look pretty. CSS are bricks for fonts, colors, and layout of the website and translates HTML into a visualization.


JavaScript (JS) take cares about website behavior and interaction with the audience. JS and jQuery make the websites interactive and functional.


Word Press is the free management or hosting tool in web development services. Over more than 25% websites are functions through it.  Word Press is very easily manageable as it has plugins and automated technology.


Professional Web Developers


Basic Knowledge for Backend Development

Even if you are working as a front-end developer, you must have some basic knowledge about back-end web development. This includes working of Servers, APIs, and SQL & Database.

Servers: You don’t need to build your own servers but still required knowledge about how they work and how to handle them.

APIs:  Front end and back end development interacts through Application Programming Interfaces (API). You must know how they interact.

SQL & Database: Websites store information by using databases. You must have information about their working.

Analytical and Marketing Skills

If you are a good web developer, you will create successful websites and successful websites are the most functional sites. But the consumer’s behaviors vary with time to time. You need to be updated. As a web developer your design, coding, and development skills revolve around the changing behaviors. Marketing is also the same you must know about audience mind. A web developer can develop more real websites who have skills for digital marketing.


Become a Web Developer

With the advancement of technology, the web development industry is growing rapidly. Being a good developer you need to constantly up to date yourself about new technologies. There is very tough competition in web development services. You can’t be a professional web developer by just adapting 1 skill and neglecting others. For example, you just know about coding but what about other skills. So these are 5 essential and primary skills to be a well-rounded web developer, focus on them.







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